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Self-Care for Your Complete Being

Self-Care for Your Complete Being

A new year offers us the chance to reflect on where we've been and where we are headed—to identify themes for personal growth, challenge, and striving.

For us at Sigil, this new year represents a critical inflection point. We can look back and clearly measure the tangible, thoughtful growth we've achieved. More importantly, we have laid a foundation to build on our purpose and mission for years to come. That is, creating a Sigil experience for every person. To nourish the soul and stimulate the senses with beautiful, sensorial ingredients. We're building on our assortment of products in ways that help our community to see, realize, and reflect their identities in the world. 


Suffice it to say, this is monumental. Over two years in the making, these first two products in our new Complete Being collection offer a polished, quintessential approach to self care—to take time for skin, body, and spirit in one fell swoop, using truly natural ingredients that are tested to perform.

When we set out to develop Complete Being, I envisioned a set of effective, decadent yet attainable staples that would address a set of universal needs. This innovative—if not disruptive—approach to multi-use, head-to-toe care is most commonly seen in dumbed-down, “male-positioned” grooming products. Our approach subverts the expectation that universal skin and body care should be diluted, drying, or cheap. These products are the culmination of all our lived values. From the soft touch, sustainable sugarcane tubes to the expertly-crafted, dermatologically-tested, esthetician-vetted formulas themselves, these indulgent daily additions to your self care routine will elevate your in-shower or at-sink experience to one that stimulates, soothes, and centers.

Complete Being Serum-Cream

In alignment with our commitment to do business for good, five percent of direct sales from this collection will be donated to nonprofits funding gender-affirming surgeries. We are also pleased to share that the creatives and talent involved in producing the Complete Being campaign were all paid competitive rates, and were chosen to represent the changing face of our industry—a positive change Sigil is proud to lead the charge toward. Each person involved was chosen for their beauty and heart; for the fearless and ongoing work they each conduct to realize their own most selves; to represent and champion our community. Every model and crew member involved is queer, non-binary, or trans.

Being our whole selves in the world is in itself a daring feat. It's my personal hope that these and all Sigil products can help you to recognize and articulate your identities. Complete Being as a concept doesn't mean these products complete you. It means they meet you where you are in your journey of self. You already have all you need within you. We're here to remind you of that—on good days, on bad days; during growth and challenge, as well as during moments that cultivate joy.

Complete Being Cleanser

This is self care reimagined. It's self care as total being. As identity-affirming care. Self care as gender-fluid, total body products designed to stimulate the senses, nourish the soul, and nurture the skin, all while giving back to the causes our community cares most deeply about. This is Complete Being.⁠

At long last and without further ado, please enjoy the first of Sigil's thoughtfully developed, high-performance, natural, and sensorial lifestyle and beauty essentials. We can’t wait to hear what you think.

With love,
Patrick Kelly
Sigil founder and CEO

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