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Fine Fragrance, From Nature

Fine Fragrance, From Nature

At long last, I’m letting you in on all (okay, a handful of) my little secrets.

We don’t call our perfumes “clean.” First and foremost, because this is an unregulated term, but also because it makes me think of—among other things—language used in the queer community that creates stigma toward HIV-positive people.

We don’t call them sustainable, per se. Because there are massive, complex tradeoffs in this regard—with both natural and synthetic materials. That said, we do strive to work with partners who are responsible in their use of resources and in cultivation methods. Perhaps a longer post on this later…

We don’t call them non-toxic. Because we’d rather focus on what we are than what we aren’t.

Some would argue our perfumes are all these things…these labels just aren’t my version of doing business to change the world. Sigil uses only natural materials, yes. But perhaps not for the reasons you may think.

Fragrance is the supremely sexy niche of the beauty industry. There’s nothing more transformative than creating a story in one’s head about which perfume best transmutes our identities, transports us. Makes us feel and experience, love and breathe more deeply, reverently, indulgently. The moment you bring up words like “clean” or “non-toxic,” the romance is stripped.

We choose naturals because they are supple. They are alive in a way we don’t find with synthetics—those are a bit more rigid, static. I consider it a blessing to work with these sacred and precious materials. Their impermanence and variability is what makes them feel so connected to our Earth and our being. There’s a rich storyline in the sourcing, manufacture, and use of these materials—dew on a rose petal, a wisp of cedar breath at the end of an oil still.

So, natural, yes. Absolutes, CO2 extracts, essential oils, and organic cane sugar alcohol. I believe these materials offer us more than enough range to tell compelling, rapturous stories through scent—ones that are complex, full of intrigue, perhaps surprising, experimental.

Sigil has always been about bridging the gap between the Old World—formulary practices, ancient materials—and the new, through clever use of language, luxe packaging, and a wrapper that meets our customers where they are aesthetically, as well as on social issues of inclusion and representation. Think of it as perfume to connect the ornate and modern. "An experiment in modern alchemy," as it were.

We have big plans ahead. New formats, new categories. Stay tuned.

With love, always,

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