Synesthesia: the production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by stimulation of another sense or part of the body. Scentesthesia: the reinterpretation of scent through other sensory input. In particular, music.
Mitch Grassi

Mitch Grassi

“Each component allows you to rejoice in the almost erotic simplicity of the composition.”

Patrick Kelly: Hi, Mitch. Thank you for taking the time while you're on tour to share your thoughts, inspirations, and perspectives with us. It's always a treat to interact with you. First off, please share your pronouns, and tell us a bit about yourself and what you're up to.

Mitch Grassi: He/him. I'm one of the founding members of vocal group Pentatonix. I've toured extensively across the world, and I'm currently working on a project of my own under the moniker Messer.

PK: The new sound and universe you've been constructing with Messer has been amazing—very me. Speaking of music, you made a little playlist for us. Tell us about your interpretation of the concept “scentesthesia” and how it inspired your playlist.

MG: The playlist is called "Private Road." It's comprised of songs I find to be particularly lush and sensual and—much like Sigil's signature fragrances—each is comprised of elegantly-placed elements, without unnecessary filler. Each element allows you to rejoice in the almost erotic simplicity of the composition.

PK: I love the name, and the vibe. It's giving me ethereal, slightly spooky, but not off-putting. The mood feels a lot like you, me, and all our favorite scent profiles. And here again, as usual, I've discovered some new favorite artists from you. Thank you. I'll definitely be playing this on repeat.

Can you share more with us about what you're working on and what's been inspiring or challenging you lately? How does scent and sensoriality factor into your daily creative process?

MG: I'm currently on the road for a tour, and it's been so lovely to travel again. It's invigorating and has inspired many new ideas. On the topic of scent, it's an important component of building a fantasy. Scent is one of the most memorable of the senses, and it has the ability to evoke deep feeling and subconscious memory. It's a thrill to experiment with my own personal scent as a way to help sculpt my identity.

PK: Completely agree. Engaging in the senses fully—with focus and special attention—can really help serve as a vehicle to transmute our identities as we move through the world. As you know, we have several new product formats coming to act as tools to do just that. Which Sigil fragrance is your favorite? And what are some other ways you connect to your self, your identity, and your community? 

MG: Argentum, your seasonal fragrance last holiday. You know how irresistible that one is to me. It's a succulent gourmand scent that pairs nicely with a glass of bourbon by the fireside. I've also been loving the newest addition, Aqua Viridi, for its similar coumarin-rich, subtly sweet and spicy blend. 

Meditation is another tool I use to center, but I feel the best way for me to understand myself is to create. Writing and producing music is something I find to be therapeutic, as it is a manifestation of my inner voice. It's much like journaling, in the way that I can organize my thoughts on "paper."

I find the best way to connect with others is to really listen—to take in what they need to say. To show authentic empathy and give back.

PK: You really are a great listener. I always feel a great sense of calm and presence when I spend time with you. Thank you for bringing these gifts to those around you. What about your own comfort and support systems? When do you feel the most safe? And the most challenged?

MG: I actually feel the most safe in a hotel room. I feel the most challenged when I'm sculpting a new piece of music and the information comes to me in bits and pieces. It's a test of patience, but I find it to be very exciting.

PK: Love that. I wonder how similar our processes are. For me, when creating, it's equal parts intuition and pragmatism. It can be infuriating, cathartic, and rewarding all at once. We definitely need to collaborate some day soon.

Let's pivot to some rapid fire now. Gratitude is an amazing state to live in—one that is reciprocally beneficial and so great for mental health. So, who or what do you want to celebrate today?

MG: The fact that we're still here on this earth, and that we all have the power to spread love and positivity.

PK: What's one thing you've been doing differently lately?

MG: I've cut back on alcohol consumption.

PK: As a teaser of things to come from Sigil, what does the term "Complete Being" mean to you?

MG: To me, the joy of life is being forever incomplete. I would adapt the phrase to "whole being," and I think it means you are aligning with your life's purpose, which gives you the ability to pour love into your relationships, with people and otherwise.

PK: What else would you like to share? What should I have asked that I didn't?

MG: I'm so thrilled to be able to share a bit of myself with you and Sigil. I adore the ethos of this brand and I'm looking forward to all of what you're building for the future, Patrick. 

PK: Thank you so much, Mitch. I feel the same about your presence, your focus on inclusion and social causes we both care so much about. Thank you for being a friend and for sharing your thoughts with me and everyone in our special community. Enjoy the rest of your tour and see you soon.


Mitchell Coby Michael Grassi is an American singer, musician and songwriter from Arlington, Texas. Known for his high tenor voice, Grassi came to international attention as the founder and performer of two groups—the quintet a cappella collective Pentatonix and the duo Superfruit with Scott Hoying. He is currently creating music under the moniker Messer.



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