Scent Profile is a creative study in conversation between Sigil founder, Patrick Kelly, and a groundbreaking artist, auteur, CEO, or disruptor. Learn about these pioneers’ creative practices, inspirations, and most fervent associations to scent.
Loïk Thélot

Loïk Thélot

Loïk Thélot is a Haitian freelance model and creative based in Montréal. He uses his digital space as a self-curated retrospective. With attention to detail and movement, he creates worlds that stand between reality, beauty, and tragedy.

Montreal creative portrait Loik Thelot

What are your pronouns?

He / Him

Where do you draw inspiration for your creative practice?

When it comes to creating imagery, music is a big source of inspiration. Sounds and tempo come in shapes and colours. Pitches and vibrations become depth and textures. Music makes me feel free.

Tell us about your favorite Sigil perfume.

I have a definite soft spot for Anima Mundi ever since I first tried it on. The strong floral and smokey notes remind me of my family’s old fireplace and the dried flower bouquets my mother kept in our home.

What does scent mean to you?

Scents are time capsules to lost memories. 

When do you feel the most safe? Most challenged?

I feel safest on my own. Growing up as an only child, I’ve grown to be my best confidant and friend. I feel most challenged in love.

Who are some people you want to celebrate today and bring awareness to?

My trans sisters of colour, victims of trauma, and my mother. 

What is the theme of your new decade? What are you calling in, and letting go of?

I’m letting go of fear and calling in adventure. I want to push myself to stay out of my comfort zone.

Loik Thelot Montreal Artist Creative


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