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Luke Simon

Luke Simon


As a queer mystic exploring consciousness, magic, beauty, and embodiment, Luke Simon believes we are living in many dimensions at once—emotions, memories, history, and the spirit realm beckon our exploration—but our culture mainly focuses on the physical one.

Luke has found his way to integrate the many layers of our being through spirituality and healing work. He shares his tools with people through Reiki, breathwork, and divination.

In his forthcoming book, Luke writes about lessons in love, his attempts at witchcraft, synchronicity, and how life teaches us lessons in the perfect order. Its tentative title is Everything is falling apart into place.

Luke brings a magnetic presence to every conversation. He’s a big time expander for me on a spiritual and corporeal level. I’m honored to share digital space with him for this conversation, and to call him a friend.


What inspires your creative practice?

Curiosity about the Infinite Spiritual aspect of life.

What advice do you have for those who are just beginning to explore spirituality—perhaps outside of the definition taught to them in childhood?

Curiosity. There is no "right". Go where you feel your heart singing in resonance. Explore. Make mistakes. Don't give your power away to anyone who is too sure they have all the answers. Don't be afraid, because you can never lose your soul. You just have to begin the adventure to uncover it, to remember it.

For those who may not be familiar, describe breathwork and Reiki.

Breathwork awakens your chakras and uncovers stuck energy by using an active breath pattern.

Reiki is a harmonizing energy channeled through the hands.

What resources do you recommend as a good starting point to dive a bit deeper on these subjects?

Go to classes. Find a teacher to guide you. Find someone who you trust and respect.

What does scent mean to you?

A language that goes direct to the senses, like color or sound.

Tell us about your favorite Sigil perfume.

Amor Fati. Dark, black tourmaline. Protecting, strong, deep, sexy. I’d been looking for a dirty-sexy smell, and finally found it in Amor Fati. I wear it when I write to open my senses. It has a woody sweetness. I also wear it when I give healing sessions as the strong, sweet wood smell helps me stay grounded in the moment.

If you could rename the fragrance, what would you call it?

Sex Dirt.

What sound or song does it evoke?

Black Sabbath, “Planet Caravan.”

What are you most excited about for the rest of this year?

Finishing my book, Marianne Williamson’s campaign, and traveling to Hawaii.

What is your current daily wellbeing practice?

Eating breakfast before I meditate in the morning. It helps me to start off by grounding and nourishing my body. I make fresh almond milk the night before and look forward that that slimy chia pudding when I wake up. :)

Which artists, founders, innovators would you like to spread awareness for?

My friend Vinny’s company Incausa creates fair trade incense and baskets in Brazil. I am inspired by his social entrepreneurship. He understands crypto currency and has a vision for how we can evolve financial systems to re-distribute wealth. His products have a deep philosophy behind them. I think the next trend is going to be: what are you doing to help create change?

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