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Quinton Mulvey

Quinton Mulvey

Quinton Mulvey is a freelance community consultant, content creator and event producer. His work is all about connecting the talented people he loves and creating meaningful experiences. He lives between New York and Los Angeles. Quinton is thoughtful in all he does, has a way of connecting with incisive depth of feeling, and communicates with such clarity and precision—it’s remarkable. We are lucky to call Q a friend and collaborator.

Please enjoy our conversation below, in which we discuss creativity, community, and the decade ahead.

What are your pronouns?

He / Him

Where do you draw inspiration for your creative practice?

I aim to emulate intimacy in my creative work, in my relationships and within myself. I believe intimacy and love are the origins of everything—connection, creativity, safety, freedom. 

I also listen to music constantly. Whether I am working on visual projects or curating events, setting the mood sonically always informs my work. 

Who are some people you want to celebrate today and bring more awareness to?

My close friends Elad Danon and Aviya Seligman are mysteriously launching their own collection, titled AREZOU, over the coming months. They offer a unique Israeli perspective on the intersection of the gay/queer gaze and modern femininity. They're such pure, talented and spiritually generous people. Keep your eyes out for their work. 

I have a big crush on Cassie Ebner, Creative Director & Founder of Palo Santo Studios. Her offerings include unique wholesaling services, brand development, and content strategy for a handful of my favorite brands. She's warm, she's whip-smart, and she's always ready to collaborate. 

I recently met Dylan Mekhi Etienne Ramsay after years of following one another online. He is currently working with The Row after a stint at Telfar, all while studying fashion design at Central Saint Martin. His vision for his design work extends far beyond his stunning garments themselves—he is manifesting a fully developed culture of experiences, sounds and communities around his concept (and he's only 20 years old)! 

When do you feel most safe? Most challenged?

I feel safest and most challenged within myself. Self discovery is a lifelong exploration that, at times, hurts more than helps. I find security in acknowledging that the journey never ends—I will never wake up one day feeling entirely self aware and secure. It's an evolution.

What does scent mean to you?

Scent is all encompassing—visceral, intellectual, emotive. It can be a lens through which we experience a certain period in our lives. It can physically soothe and attract. It's a language, it's poetry. 

Tell us about your favorite Sigil perfume.

I can attest to several Sigil fragrances, but Anima Mundi is my favorite. It's smoky and floral at the same time—a duality that resonates with me emotionally. There's a balance to the key notes that remind me of the bittersweet moments in my life. 

What sound or song does it evoke?

The Fall by Rhye—my favorite song for the past seven years. 

The lyrics are a glimpse into the final experience two lovers are having before their relationship's inevitable demise—a bittersweet, last-stitch plea for romance before the end. This theme speaks to the duality of Anima Mundi that I mentioned: the rose offers a moment of sweetness and clarity through the smoldering smoke of immortelle. It's passionate and melancholic to me. 

What is the theme of your new decade? What are you calling in, and letting go of?

Graciousness 2020. I am making amends with the naive egos of my youth, shedding them and channeling warmth into all of my endeavors. This past decade taught me that true prosperity can only be accessed through kindness. 



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Carmen S -

The smoky notes mingled with bright pine take me to memories of sitting by a fire, or walking under the stars, and a strange feeling of loneliness.

Jordan J. -

The smoky notes mingled with bright pine take me to memories of sitting by a fire, or walking under the stars, and a strange feeling of loneliness.

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