Scent Profile is a creative study in conversation between Sigil founder, Patrick Kelly, and a groundbreaking artist, auteur, CEO, or disruptor. Learn about these pioneers’ creative practices, inspirations, and most fervent associations to scent.
Ryan Lopes

Ryan Lopes


Ryan is a Creative Director based in New England. He shares his digital platform as a curated visual ode to art, lifestyle and concept—with an eye that is evocative, yet refined and tasteful.

When I met him briefly in New York last month, I knew immediately that he is one of the good ones—a kind and gentle earth angel whose impeccable taste is only outmatched by his generosity and ebullience. I’m honored to call Ry a fast friend and am so thrilled to share this space with him, to highlight his impeccable work, and to honor his voice.




What are your pronouns?

He / They / Them

Tell us about yourself.

I am a creative director through freelance for brands and businesses, formulating content, art direction, photography, and styling.

When do you feel most in your purpose?

Sharing and impacting a feeling that is mutual and grounding.

What inspires your creative practice?


You have a deep love for your hometown. Tell us about it.

It’s slow, and a bit nomadic. There’s one of every good thing. 

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

A friend once told me to just jump. You’ll land on your feet.

Walk us through your beauty routine.

Cleansing oil. Vitamin C. Aloe. Facial Balm. Serum/Oil. 

What does scent mean to you?

A scent is an introduction to a unique remembrance. 

Tell us about your favorite Sigil perfume.

Amor Fati, of course. It reminds me of my grandmother’s scents, when I was a child. She emphasized her class always and her woody and floral scents stood out to me most. She was and is a walking statement. I always aim for my scents to be sharp and clean. 

What time period does Amor Fati evoke?

My childhood in the early 2000s.

What are you most excited about for the rest of this year?

Taking care of myself. Diving deeper into breath work. 

What is your current daily wellbeing practice?

Mental check ins has been more than enough in this craze of work life balance, hence why I only aim to take care of myself day-to-day.

Self-portrait by Ryan

Self-portrait by Ryan.

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