A sigil is a symbol created to represent inherent mystical forces, a set of ideals, or to serve as a physical focus through which to stimulate the imagination and achieve a specific state of mind. Sigils are shorthand for their author’s whole essence, imbued with special energy and intensity. They are the art of believing.

In 2015, Patrick Kelly founded Sigil with a line of long-wearing, complex, natural fine fragrances and beauty essentials. Sigil's products are inspired by ancient and esoteric traditions, re-interpreted through a contemporary lens. The result is singular eau de parfums and lifestyle rituals that unite the sensorial and the intangible.

Portrait by Logan Mock.


Founder & CEO

Patrick is a self-taught perfumer driven by the power of his own scent memories—orange blossoms floating on a warm breeze, hot sage unfurling in the California sun. To capture these moments, Patrick educated himself in old world perfumery practices. Drawing from this experience and his background in film and philosophy, Patrick helps Sigil build parfum and self-care experiences that are ethereal and rich in story, yet born of the physical earth.