Calvin Klein Ck All Review

Ever stumbled upon a fragrance that captures both the buzz of citrus and the allure of mystery? That’s CK All by Calvin Klein for you—a scent straddling the line between zest and enigma.

Diving into this blog, you’ll snag an insider’s scoop on whether CK All will become your new signature spray or simply fade into the background. Stay tuned: it’s sniffing time!

Quick Overview

NameCK All
BrandCalvin Klein
TypeEau de Toilette
Fragrance ProfileCitrus
Top NotesMandarin, grapefruit
Middle NotesJasmine, Lily, Rhubarb
Base NotesAmber, Musk
Launch Year2017
CharacterFresh, clean, and universally appealing
Sizes AvailableVarious, commonly found in 3.4 oz to 6.7 oz bottles
Price RangeVaries by retailer, often around $20-$60 depending on size
AvailabilityAvailable at various retailers online and in-store

Perfume story

CK All didn’t just pop up out of thin air. Oh no, it stepped onto the scene like a fresh breeze in 2017, pulling everyone’s attention towards its zesty charm. Picture this: CK One had already made waves with its come-one-come-all vibe—now here was its cool cousin, strutting in with an updated twist that got noses turning and folks talking.

Alberto Morillas and Harry Fremont – yes, the big shots in perfumery – they put their heads together for this one. They took what smelt like success from CK One and spun it into something new but familiar; CK All was birthed as a modern token of inclusivity that whispered “Hey there!” to everyone who walked by.

It wasn’t just any fragrance on the shelf; it felt like a welcome nod to every person looking for that shared citrusy hug that said we’re all in this scented journey together.

Presentation:bottle and packaging design

The tale of CK All’s essence sets the stage for its visual appeal. The bottle takes a bold stance with a simple yet striking design. It stands out with clean lines and an opaque white finish that gives off a modern vibe—a fresh twist on classic shapes.

You’ll notice it doesn’t scream for attention but rather catches your eye like a cool friend in a crowd.

Its packaging is no less charming. The box carries the same minimalistic elegance, casting an aura of sophistication before you even get to the fragrance inside. Opening the box feels like unwrapping a sleek gadget; there’s excitement in the simplicity.

With every detail, from bottle to box, this Calvin Klein creation shouts ‘less is more,’ making sure it looks as good on your shelf as it smells on your skin.

Fragrance Profile

Calvin Klein CK All smells like a summer breeze that’s just scooped up a basket of citrus fruits. Imagine peeling an orange — that fresh, zesty scent? That’s what hits you first.

  • Top Notes Explode: You get this whoosh of mandarin orange the moment you spritz CK All on your skin. It’s like walking through an orange grove; everywhere you turn, there’s another burst of citrus.
  • Middle Notes Dance: After the citrus calms down, in comes the grapefruit blossom. It’s sweet and airy, kind of like how a cloud would smell if it wandered into a garden full of flowers.
  • Unique Twist: There’s this thing called Paradisone molecule mixed in the heart; think of it as the secret sauce that makes the fragrance sparkle.
  • Dry Down Warmth: Give it time and everything mellows out to a cozy blend—like soft dryer sheets with hints of clearwood touches. Not too strong, yet not invisible, it sits on your skin humming a quiet tune.

Performance:Longevity and Sillage

Alright, let’s talk staying power and how far this scent travels. CK All keeps you smelling fresh for a solid 5-6 hours — that’s like watching two back-to-back movies on Prime Video without needing a scent refresh! It makes its presence known too.

You walk into the room, and bam, CK All is there with moderate sillage waving hello to everyone before you even say a word.

Now compared to its siblings in the fragrance family, it’s like CK All ate its veggies while some just snacked on chips. Take CK Be; it ducks out after about 4-5 hours, kind of like leaving the party early.

But here’s where it gets good: our friend CK All also beats Calvin Klein Man by sticking around longer and being more noticeable in any crowd. Trust me when I tell you, among unisex fragrances from this brand, your credit card won’t regret checking out with CK All at FragranceX or

Occasions and Suitability

CK All is a true team player in the world of scents — think jeans and a T-shirt kind of vibe, but for your nose. You can spray it on any day, whether you’re running errands or hanging out with friends at the park.

The citrus kick says “Hello, sunshine!” making it just right for daytime fun.

Now, picture yourself walking into a casual meet-up wearing CK All. It doesn’t scream for attention but definitely turns heads — like showing up with the coolest sneakers everyone wants to know about.

This fragrance fits those laid-back moments, sliding into most situations as smoothly as an easy-listening tune on the radio. It’s friendly for both men and women who want to smell fresh without making too much fuss about it.

Personal Experience and Scent Journey

I remember the first spritz of CK All like it was yesterday. It hit me—fresh, clean, and a bit citrusy. My nose caught hints of mandarin orange; it felt like peeling one on a sunny day.

As hours passed, the smell changed on my skin. First bold and bright, then softer, almost cozy.

Wearing this scent felt like an adventure without leaving home. I’d catch whiffs throughout the day and get taken back to memories—laughing with friends in summer parks or walking alone along city streets on crisp mornings.

The fragrance longevity was impressive too; I didn’t need another spray until late afternoon! Every sniff seemed to tell a different story—one moment zesty and alive, the next calming with notes that whispered rather than shouted.

Comparison with Similar Fragrances

Ah, the inevitable fragrance face-off, where CK All throws its scented gloves into the ring against its kin and competitors. Without further ado, let’s dive into a side-by-side olfactory battle, shall we? The table below will highlight the nuances and contrasts between CK All and its aromatic counterparts.

FragranceCK AllCK OneCK Reveal MenCK BeCurve Crush
Fragrance TypeCitrus/AromaticCitrus/AromaticOrientalFresh WoodyFruity
VersatilityHighHighMediumVery HighMedium
SeasonSpring/SummerSpring/SummerFall/WinterAll SeasonsSpring/Summer
Overall PopularityLesser KnownIconicNiche AppealWell-LikedPopular in Younger Demographics

You’ve got CK All, strutting its citrusy confidence, not too different from its older sibling, CK One. Yet, in the same breath, it’s not as daring or as assertive as CK Reveal Men—think of CK All as the approachable middle child. Now, let’s talk about CK Be; that’s the cool cousin, the one that everyone invites to the party for its all-year charm. Curve Crush? Well, it’s like that distant relative showing up with a fruity punch, unexpected but pleasantly welcomed in warmer climates.

Each fragrance dances to its own beat, some with a bit of an edge, others with a softer step. And CK All? It’s the one humming a tune, versatile enough to join in on any number—but with a distinctive, slightly dusty whisper to its melody.

Value for money

Paying less and getting more—now, wouldn’t that be a magic trick? CK All tries to pull it off. Picture this: A 50ml bottle sitting pretty on the shelf, with a tiny price tag waving at you.

Only $19.99 and it’s yours; found at a local drugstore, no need for an online hunt or waiting for Amazon Prime delivery.

But here’s where the plot twists. You spritz on CK All and whoosh—it takes off faster than your excitement did when you saw the bargain. The scent doesn’t hang around long enough to sing “Hello” before it waves “Goodbye”.

This could leave you thinking twice about its value even though your wallet didn’t have to work overtime at checkout. Sure, the fragrance pyramid might sound fancy but if the perfume disappears into thin air, is it really worth those dollars saved? Maybe you get what you pay for or maybe..

just maybe, some scents are shy and don’t like clinging too much!

Final Verdict

9. Final Verdict: Imagine, if you will, a fragrance that walks into the room like a mystery novel protagonist—promising but enigmatic; CK All’s final bow is just that, intriguing and whispering secrets of scent that leave an imprint on your senses—and isn’t that what we’re all sniffing around for? Keep reading to uncover if it’s truly the olfactory twist your life has been missing.

Summary of the pros and cons.

Calvin Klein’s CK All has made a splash in the world of fragrances. Let’s dig into what makes it stand out and where it might fall short.

  • Fresh and modern: CK All brings a fresh scent to the table, taking the classic vibe of CK One and giving it a modern twist.
  • For everyone: This fragrance doesn’t pick sides; it’s crafted for both men and women to enjoy.
  • Good looks: The bottle is sleek, with a clean design that looks good on any shelf or vanity.
  • Lasts awhile: You spray it on in the morning, and it hangs around, keeping you smelling great for hours.
  • Not too loud: The sillage, or how far the scent spreads, is just right – not too strong but definitely noticeable.
  • Déjà vu: Some folks might sniff out CK All and think they’ve smelled this before since it closely mirrors CK One.
  • Playing safe: If you’re after something bold and new, this one might seem a bit too familiar or safe for your taste.
  • May fade away: Although it lingers, some people find that the scent doesn’t stick around as long as they’d like.

Personal recommendation and overall rating

CK All is like that friend who doesn’t wow you with flashy clothes but always gets compliments on being fresh and clean. It’s got a comfortable vibe, making it the cologne that never tries too hard—perfect for people who want to smell good without making a big deal about it.

I’d say this fragrance is the cozy sweater of scents; it fits just right in any situation.

Let’s talk numbers—it earns a solid 7 out of 10 from me. Not too shabby, right? CK All isn’t shouting for attention, which honestly makes me respect it more. It whispers classiness and has a ‘shareable’ spirit, because let’s face it, sharing is caring whether you’re male or female.

If you’re hunting for value and versatility in your scent game, grab this bottle. Give Calvin Klein Eternity a try too if you’re diving deeper into the cologne collection—you might find another casual favorite!


1. What’s the big deal about Calvin Klein CK All fragrance?

Well, imagine walking into a room and having everyone sniff the air like they’ve just found hidden treasure—yeah, that’s CK All for you. It’s like this magic potion in a bottle that turns heads and makes people go “Hmm… what is that amazing smell?”

2. Is CK All going to be my new go-to perfume?

You know how you bite into an apple expecting it to be super sweet and it’s actually tart? That might happen with CK All if you’re expecting roses and vanilla. But hey, if fresh, clean scents are your jam, then slap on some CK All; it could become your scent soulmate!

3. Can anyone wear Calvin Klein CK All or is it just for someone special?

It’s not like a VIP pass or anything—anyone can rock this scent! Guys, girls, doesn’t matter who; spritz on some of this liquid swagger and watch the compliments roll in.

4. Will wearing CK All make me stand out at a party?

Absolutely! It’s like showing up with confetti popping out of your pockets—you’ll be hard to ignore. This fragrance has its own fanfare; expect to leave behind little invisible trails of ‘wow’ as you breeze through any crowd.

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